45g Sublimation paper

For dye sublimation transfer paper, fabrics historically had to be white or light in color. 100% polyester, poly/cotton mix (the garment should be at least 50% poly) microfibre and nylon can all be used.


sportswear and swimming suits, and for natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, and wool

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Excellent Printing Performance

  • Contour

    High quality contour

  • Stability

    Excellent Stability

  •  Unique coating formula

    Ensures the clarity, stability and high processing quality of large ink volume printing

  • Transfer yield

    Unsurspassed tansfer yield

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Brand E-BON
Item Weight 45g
Item model number ‎Sublimation Paper
Material Type ‎Sublimation Paper
Paper Finish ‎Coated
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