Digital Textile Printer With Ricoh heads



Cotton/Rayon/Silk/Wool/Nylon/Natural fiber fabric

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  • 3200dpi RESOLUTION
  • 150sqm/h PRINT SPEED
  • 1900mm PRINTER WIDTH

Take a Closer Look of Digital Textile Printer With Ricoh heads

  • Excellent Printing Performance
  • Intelligent Control Panel
  • 8Pcs Epson I3200 Head
  • Suitable for Cloths Printer, T-shirt printer
  • Customized Design


Ricoh G6 high-speed industrial-grade print 

nozzles to better meet industrial production 


Magnetic suspension linear motor

Using magnetic suspension linear motor for

higher printing accuracy

 Inkjet stability

The application of negative pressure ink path

 control system and ink degassing system greatly enhances inkjet stability

Turn Your Printing Idea Into Reality


Mode DGK3208 print width 3200MM
Print head 8 PCS Ricoh print heads
Speed Production mode 150sqm/h(2pass)
Type of ink Reactive/Disperse/Pigiment/Acid/Reducingink
Ink color CMYKLCLMGreyRedOrangeBlueforoption
Heading cleaning Auto head cleaning&auto scrapina device
RIP Software Wasatch/Neostampa/Texprint
Power supply 380±10%,three-phase five-wire,<16kw
Compressed air Airflow 0.3m3/min, air pressure 6KG
Work environment Temperature 18-28℃,humidity50-70%
Overall dimensions 5600mm(L)x2485mmWx1520mm(H))
Weight 4000KG
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