Digital Cutting Machine

This is a newly developed cutting machine. The overall rigid weight of the machine leads the peers, providing superior equipment with higher cutting accuracy, better stability, and faster speed. The modular design control system allows for easy maintenance and replacement. It features a clear and stable circuit connection. The adaptive tension buffer control mechanism ensures that tension is not affected by the width of the material. This mechanism prevents unilateral force, making our system more stable.


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Material support width 60-320mm
Maximum cut label width 320mm
Cutting tag length range 10-900mm
Die cutting speed 15m/min (specifically it is acrording to die track)
Number of cutting heads 4-10
Number ofsplit knives 6 (selected according to demand)
Die cutting progress 0.1mm
Split speed 30m/min
Split dimensions 20-320mm
Power 2.6kw
Machine size 1600×1200×1800mm
Machine quality 1500kg
Material support width 60-320 mm
Max.cutting   length 1m
Power 220V,50-60Hz,600w
Dimensions 1200×700×1000mm
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